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Subhakariam.com  will provide for the first time on Internet, a Comprehensive, Authentic, Reliable & Dependable trustworthy information & content on wide ranging subject related to transformation. Subhakariam.com's target audience covers a wide range of ages: from members of Generation X who grew up surrounded by computers, to Baby Boomers who have come to the realization that people today cannot afford to ignore Morals & Values. we are....... Rajagopala ganabatigal comes from the Family of Vaidyanatha dikshither.who was a saint and was son of a Great saint Neelakanta sastrigal. Rajagopala Ganapatigal has to have an element of Saintliness because Vaithyanatha Dikshither was a Saint and his Forefathers  were all saintly people.  A continuum of Neelakanta Sastrigal, is flowing through-Vaithyanatha Sastrigal-Rajagopala Ganabatigal-Sri Krishna Sharma.....

Br Sri V.Ragagopala Ganapatigal hails from a family of Deekshithars (Vedic scholars who have performed yagna sacrifices and are performing Agni hotric rites daily throughout their life time) He was born in Sengalipuram on the 20th of August 1963 to Br Sri Vaidyanatha Dikshitar and Srimathi Rajeswari Ammal. Sengalipuram ("Shivakalipuram" as it is known in scriptures) is a village where hundreds of Deekshithar families are living for generations upto today and where great saints like Sri Muthannaval and scholars like Sri Anantharama Deekshithar are born.  His Paternal grand father is Br Sri Neelakanta Sastrigal, and his paternal grandmother Srimathi Rajalakshmi belong to Nannilam in Nagapattinam Dist,are still living in their ancestral home well into their 90's.

His maternal grandfather was Br Sri Krishnamurthy Dikshitar and maternal grandmother Srimathi Seethalakshmi Ammal, both belonging to Sengalipuram. He had his upanayanam in 1969 in the presence of great vedic scholars of that time. On entering his Brahmachari arsham his parents entrusted him in the care of his maternal grand parents at Sengalipuram for the start of his rigid vedic lore. From 1970 till 1979 for a perod of nine years he had his niyama adhyanam, and on completion he was sent to Tiruvadaimarudur in Tanjore Dist between 1980 to 1982 to complete his Padam and Kramam.

In 1983 he came to Musiri in Trichy Dist to study Jata, Ganam, Lakshanam (Vedic Grammer), Kavya, Nataka, Alankara, Sroutham, Mimamsa, Dharma Sastra and Vedanta under his lotus feet of Br Sri P.S.AnanthaNarayana Vajapayi also known as Musiri Periyava, a name given by none other than the Maha Periyava of the Kanchi Mutt. He studied under Musiri Periyava for a full period of Four Years till 1987. Between 1987 and 1990 he was asked by the Kanchi Mutt to study Nyaya Sastra under Mahamahopadyaya Br Sri S.R.Krishnamurthy Sastrigal along with Bala Periyava. (It is interesting to note that Musiri periyava learnt Nyaya and Vedanta under SRK Sastrigal in the Madras Sanskrit College during the 1960's)

He has been certified in Krishna Yajur Veda with top honors from the following examinations:

1) Year 1985 Krishna Yajur Veda at the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam.Kancheepuram

2) Year 1986 Krishna Yajur Veda (Kramam) at the Tirumala Tirupathy Devasthanam .Tirupathy.Andra Pradesh

3) Year 1987 Salakshana Ghana Pariksha at the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam. Kancheepuram

4) Year 1987 Salakshana Ghana Pariksha at the Tirumala Tirupathy Devasthanam .Tirupathy.Andra Pradesh

5) Year 1987 Salakshana Ghana Pariksha at the Veda Dharma Paripalana Sabha – Kumbakonam

6) Year 1988 Salakshana Ghana Pariksha at the Sri Sri Sri Sringagiri Peetam.Sringery.Karnataka.

7) Year 1987 Salakshana Ghana Pariksha at the Sri Annasami Iyangar Trust – Mannargudi.Tamil Nadu

8) Year 1988 Salakshana Ghana Pariksha at the Sri Ambaji Matha Desthanam, Ab road, Ambaji, Gujarath)

9) Year 1988 Salakshana Ghana Pariksha at the SriVeda Shastra Uthegaka Sabha.Pune.Maharashtra

10) Year 1989 Salakshana Ghana Pariksha at the Sri Sangaveda Vidyalaya, (Kasi Maharaj) Ram Ghat .Varanasy.Uthara Pradesh

11) Year 1989 Salakshana Ghana Pariksha at the Sri Sri Srimath Andavan Ashramam,Srirangam.Trichy.


He has been certified in Shastra with top honours from the following examinations

He has been certified in Vedanta, Nyaya, meemamsa & Srowtha with top honours at:

a) "Nyaya Sastra" at the Advaita Sabha - Kumbakonam

b) "Vedantha Sastra" at the Advaita Sabha - Trichy

c) "Meemamsa Shastra" at the "Sastra Pushya Sabha" (Sringeri Mutt) at Tenali.

d)" Sroutam" at the "shashtyabtha purthy Trust" Sankara Mutt. Kancheepuram

e) "Veda Bhasyam" at the "shashtyabtha purthy Trust" Sankara Mutt Kancheepuram

In addition to the above he has a

* diploma in Astrology from Madurai Kamaraj University.

* From Madras University.Madras

* From Mysore University.Mysure

* Computer from Madurai Kamaraj University.


Some of the popular Award (titles) with which he has been awarded are

a) "Veda Vidya Alankara" from the Sanskrit Academy - Varanasi- U.P

b) "Vidya Ratnam" from Varanasy (Kasi) Maharaj with a gold.


He Has Performed Jata and Ghana Veda Parayanam Lots of Places. Like

Tamil Nadu :Madurai. Chidambaram. Tiruvannamalai. Tiruvaruur, Tiruchirappalli, Chennai. Coimbature  Utara Pradesh Sri Varanasy.  Bihar Jamshadpur. New Delhi.
Maharashtra Mumbai.  Karnataka Bangalore. West Bangal Calcutta. Andhra Pradesh  Hyderabad.

He is Great priest and Lecturer for Ramayana, Bagavatha,Maha Bharataha puranas. today.> >Now Live in Chennai with his wife Annapoorni Ammal and his three children. He is teaching Vedas, Sastras, Sanskrit , Stotra (Free) classes for public and He runs a Veda padasala(Vedic Shool) at the premises in Chennai where children are studying under Gurukulam system. His eldest son Krishna is undergoing Veda Adhyanam under his father, Apart form gaining knowledge about the various subjects, this site also gives you an opportunity to have some of the Poojas,Japas,Parayanams, Homas,Rituals done on behalf of you in Chennai by Sri Rajagopala ganabatigal. You may also send us your questions and queries if any at ganapatigal@gmail.com

V.Rajagopala Ganapatigal,

New No.488.(old.175).T T K Road, Alwarpet,Chennai.Pin 600018.

Tamil Nadu. India. Phone 91-44-24361210


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