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On 12th September 2017 Jupiter leaves Kanya and transits Thula until 11th October 2018.

Jupiter is combust from 15th October 2017 to 5th November 2017.

Jupiter turns Vakri/retrograde in Thula on 9th March 2018 and becomes direct in motion 11th July 2018 till 11th October 2018.

All kinds of development, expansion, optimism and maturity are the domain of Jupiter. Exuberance comes naturally when Jupiter is well positioned in a birth chart. Job-holder seeking promotion needs support from Jupiter. Well-aligned Jupiter in a birth chart and transit, leads to a strong position on the financial front. A weak Jupiter means squeeze in inflow of money. Jupiter’s aspect to the 10th house helps the person rise in his profession. Jupiter’s aspect to any house is more important than its placement in a natal chart. We have presented predictions for all 12 moon sign/rashi as per the aspects and gaze of  Jupiter.

Jupiter is said to give good results when it is in the 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th and the 11th house from the moon-sign. Read Jupiter in houses in natal chart.

For eg. when Jupiter is in the 3rd house, it aspects the  7th, 9th and 11th houses and it will be beneficial to the native. Marriages will take place, even when Jupiter is in the 3rd house. Jupiter  will bring adverse results only when the overlapping Mahadasha, antardasha, guru in neecha position,  is unfavorable and when it is placed in the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th from the natal moon.

Positive  effects of Jupiter Transit  in Thula or Libra

On 12th September 2017  Jupiter planet transit the sign Libra for a whole year.  This is the house of planet Venus. Jupiter  will stay in this house for a whole year.  Jupiter is a benefic Venus is also benefic planet. The conjunction works very well.  Libra is sign of weighing all possibilities and taking balanced decisions Libra is also a sign which favors business.Transit of Jupiter in Libra will be very good for bringing positive changes in Judiciary system, there will be implementation of some better law and order, Business and business relations will improve, there will be expansion in trades, markets, there will be efforts to balance economies of scale, efforts to balance relationship, efforts to expand business relations and globalization.  This is a good transit for relationships and marriage as Jupiter has entered the natural 7th sign of zodiac. It will bring many soul-mates into contact and get their marriages solemnized.

Jupiter is Deva Guru and thula/ Libra is the sign of Venus, and the Guru for Venus is Shukracharya or the Asura Guru.  Hence ancient scriptures have warned that Jupiter is not so happy to be in this house nevertheless we will have a lot of advantages from this transit.

From Libra Jupiter casts it 5th, 7th and 9th aspect on

§  Kumbha Rashi/ Aquarius Moon Sign,
§  Mesha Rashi/Aries Moon Sign and
§  Mithuna Rashi/ Gemini Moon Sign.
The people  born  in these Moon signs  can have very harmonious times in relationships. Those born in these signs and  looking for tying the knot this year can be successful  in finding suitable partner.

Remember with Guru is on your side, you can now improve every aspect of your life such as love, life, work, & career. You may get an itch to go somewhere where you have never been before. You will no longer fear that someone will create restrictions or place heavy burdens on your plate.

The effects of Jupiter’s transit through the various house as counted for the Janma – Rashi  this year 2017- 2018 will be as follows:-

§  Transit in House 1  (Thula Rashi / Libra) – Fear of unfavorable circumstances.
§  Transit in House 2 (Kanya Rashi / Virgo) – Gain of money and commodities
§  Transit in House 3 (Simha Rashi / Leo)– Sickness, sibling rivalry.
§  Transit in House 4 (Karka Rashi / Cancer) – Loss of money and distress to mother.
§  Transit in House 5 ( Mithuna Rashi / Gemini) – Gain in weight of the native, happiness;
§  Transit in House 6 (Vrishabha Rashi / Taurus) -Distress, rise in enemies and health issues.
§  Transit in House 7 (Mesha Rashi / Aries) – Respect, happiness;
§  Transit in House 8 (Meena Rashi / Pisces) – Adversity, troubles, both physical and mental;
§  Transit in House 9 (Kumbha Rashi / Aquarius) – Happiness, enhanced prestige, respect from others;
§  Transit in House 10 (Makara Rashi / Capricorn) – Humility, i.e. loss of respect;
§  Transit in House 11 (Dhanur Rashi / Sagittarius) -Happiness, gain of money, wish fulfilment.
§  Transit in House 12 (Vrischika Rashi / Scorpio) – Rise in Spirituality

Predictions and Remedies For Transit Jupiter Kanni to Thulam (Libra) on 2017













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