Predictions and Remedies For Transit Jupiter in to Libra  -குரு பெயர்ச்சி பலன்கள்

Nannilam Rajagopala Ganapatigal


Grahas and Human Life:

I deem it as my privilege to give here relevant excerpts on the subject of astrology, from the lectures of the Sankaracharya of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham (popularly known as "the Periyaval" on Hindu Dharma."The condition of a man corresponds to the changes in the position of the nine grahas. A human being does not enjoy happiness all the time nor does he always suffer hardships - that is, he experiences a mixture of happiness and sorrow. While he may be pushed up to a high position today, he may be thrust down to the depths tomorrow. It is not man alone that is subject to changes of fortune. Establishments too have their ups and down, so also nations." The sages saw a relationship between the position and movements of the planets and the destiny of man, the sorrow and happiness experienced by him. There is a branch of astrology called 'hora-skandha'. If we know the planetary position at the time of commencing a job or enterprise, with its help, we should be able to find out how it would take shape, how we would fare in it. If our horoscope is cast on the basis of the configuration of the planets at the time of our birth, our fortunes over the entire period of our life can be predicted." Different reasons are given for the ups and downs in a man's life, for his joys and sorrows. It is similar to finding out the different causes of the ailment he suffers from. [The physicians, mantravadins, pundits, and psychologists will give different reasons.] ... All these different causes may be valid. All of them go to create an experience. ...Many outward signs manifest themselves as the fruits of our past karma. They are all related to one another. The course of planets governing our life is in accordance with our karma. We come to know the consequences of our actions in previous births in various ways. Astrological calculations help us to find out such consequences as indicated by the heavenly bodies." 

Navagraha Shanthi or Pariharas:


Lord Siva

Soul and Will Power, Fame and the quality of biological Father, Authority, Satwic Nature, Vitality & Courage.


Goddess Parvathi

Emotions, Sensitivity, Softness, Brain, Mind & Imagination and the quality of biological mother.


LordKarthikeya  (Subramanya)

Drive & Physical Energy, Self Confidence, Strength, Heroism & Adventurous Nature



Intelligence & Intellect, Senses, Education and Research.


Lord Dakshinamurthi

Balance of Past Karma, Religion, Philosophy, Knowledge and issues relating to offspring's.



Artistic talents, the quality of body one gets in this life and issues relating to Material life, Opposite sex, feminine qualities, Music & Dance.


Lord Yama

Being a great teacher represents the suffering one goes through in this life and determines the overall potential of the individual.


Goddess Durga

Then we have two imaginary planets in Vedic Astrology called RAHU and KETU. Rahu represents mystery and cruelty and KETU represents Spirituality and Spiritual experiences


The planets which are inimical to an individual will give bad results during their Main Dasas (periods) or Antharas (sub-periods) or during their transits (Gochara). The aspects of life which generally receive such bad effects will be
(1) Those for which they are Karakas (governed by the planets), (2) The aspects represented by the Bhavas which are owned by the planets,  (3) Those represented by the Rasis (signs) which are resided in or aspected by them. The planets also cause miseries or      problems according to their Gochara (movements ) results. Depending on which specific aspects of life are affected, one      has to do Shanthis or Parikaras (propitiatory actions to counter the ill effects) for the particular planets) and its/their Lords.      Gods); this way of direct appeal to the concerned planets and their Lords will give quick and timely results.

Many a times we hear people say our time is running bad. These bad times are attributed to the different Grahas (Planets), and their position in the current time. These Grahas can be appeased by performing the Graha shanti pooja. There are 2 ways to perform this pooja. If you know which Graha is affecting you unfavorably, then tell us the name and we can perform the pooja for you. The other way is for us to find out from your Janma Patri(Horoscope) and then perform the Pooja for the particular Graha.  Generally all purpose Navagraha homam For all Doshas from Horoscope, specifically 7 1/2 years Saturn period. Please Submit your questions in the Astrology feedback form  for free consultation. We will offer free consultation for your questions, after computing your horoscope accurately as per Vedic astrology and calculating the predictions. Please note that it will take us 3 days to complete the analysis. Your queries will be replied via the Reply page and not by return email, due to huge volume of questions we receive. Please check this page every three days for all possible questions. If you wish to submit feedback on the site or offer your comments, please Submit

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