How I can contact you any specific timings?

You may call by phone between 1-3 p.m. and 8-10 p.m. or e-mail your request.

I wish to make a personal meeting with you for advice?

You are welcome to meet us personally after fixing up an appointment.  Please call over phone for the time of appointment.

Is it necessary that I have to come in person for the Homams and pujas at your end?

Not necessary.  It will be performed at our end as per your star and details, then the prasadam will be sent to you to your place.

Do you have Registered Member facility services?

Yes. Please fill in and send the feedback form provided in this site.  You may call or email if you need further details.  We remember important dates of all members and email you the requisite information well in advance of these dates.

How long it will take for me to get a response?

Your query / doubts will be responded within 48 hours from the time it is received.

How frequently do you update this site?

We update this site twice a week at an average.  We invite your suggestions on the contents. z

How can I help your site?

Please inform this site to all your friends and family.  Please advertise on this site.  You can also send any donations for maintaining / upgrading this site.  Please send any useful contents / information which you wish to publish in this site.

Can you clarify on any general doubts?

We clarify your doubts on all religious and Vedic matters free of cost, by email.  You can also ask your doubts on dharma shashtram.

Homam / Puja / Japam / parayanam                                                                                Top    |   Bottom

Why should we perform these homam pujas or japas?

Our homams and pujas have benefited many persons to achieve various benefits or to overcome huge difficulties.  There are many satisfied and regular members who conduct these.  To start with,  We advice all new-comers to perform these at-least once in a year, on their star birthday.

When can I expect some benefits out of these?

You will achieve the desired result after successfully conducting these homams, pujas or japams after the expiry of 48 days.

Can I conduct these homams for issues relating to office or business also?

Yes.  There are special homams which are meant to achieve success in business or official affairs.  The emphasis on these homams will be on the special 'shankalpa' wherein these benefits will be prayed for.  You can perform these homams for business development, career success etc. also.

What homam is suitable for me?

Please send us your name / star / date of birth and the specific issue you want to benefit.  We will advice on the suitable homam to be performed.  For issues of business and office related,  Please let us know the name of the company, it's date of commencement of business and the nature of business.

How is the homam performed?

Each homam is performed strictly according to scriptures.  These are conducted by fully learned and experienced Vedic scholars.  The ingredients required for these homams are different for each homams.  Each homam is performed after praying (shankalpa) for the specific relief / benefit desired for each individual.  After each homam, all pundits are fed with Vedic prayers.

What facilities are available if I also attend?

All performers and people attending these homams are given food for the day along with Vedic scholars, performing this homam.  Also, Desired prasadam is given to everybody.

When will you conduct these homams?

The date and timing of these homams are carefully chosen after studying the star and the purpose of these homams.  Generally, these homams commence between 6 a.m. to 8 a.m.  However, Pujas can be performed during evenings also (subject to certain conditions).  Some poojas can be preferably done evenings only.  The duration and the method of the homam also varies depending on the purpose.

Are these homams performed in groups?

No.  Each homam is performed only for specific person or a single family.  No other person / family is allowed to perform or participate together with any homams.

How many days' notice would you need?

We do only a single homam per day.  Therefore, It is better if you finalize the details at-least 15 days before the desired date.

What if I can't afford any homam, puja or japam?

We conduct free programmes for all desired cases.  We perform the shankalpa for all such cases.  These are included in our monthly special homam and pooja.  We will send prasadam to such individuals.

How much do homams cost?  How do I pay?

The cost varies depending on many factors (like type of homam, duration, number of participants etc.) which can't be finalized for all. Please write to us about your need and we will let you know the amount involved.  You can pay by cash, M.O., Cheque or Demand Draft payable in Chennai.


How long do these recitations take?

Subject Time / Days Topic
Veda parayanam - Basic 3 days. Daily 8 hours. Complete Samhita
Veda parayanam - Standard 4 1/2 days. Daily 8 hours. Complete Samhita & Brahmana
Veda parayanam - Complete 8 days. Daily 8 hours Full krama paata
Veda parayanam - Special 10 days. Daily 8 hours Brahmana & full krama paata for samhita.
Ramayanam 9 days. Daily 6 hours. Entire Valmiki ramayanam.
Sundara Kandam 3 days. Daily 5 hours Sundara Kanda chapter of valmiki ramayana.
Bhagavatam 7 days. daily 6 hours Entire srimad bhagavatam
Devi Mahatmiyam - Nava  Chandi 9 days. daily 3 hours Entire devi-mahatmiyam (part of markandeya purana)
Laghu Chandi 1 day for 3 hours. Saptasati / Devi Mahatmiyam.

ASTROLOGY                                                                                                                    Top    |   Bottom

What are the services offered by you on astrology?

We create the horoscope for you based on your birth date, time and place by best astrologers expert on Vedic astrology.  We study your horoscope and answer your queries on the horoscope.  We do the predictions on areas of your personal and professional life.  We do the match-making for marriage proposals and advice the suitability of linking two horoscopes.

What is the specialty of your service on astrology?

There are many places, also in internet, which offer astrological services.  However, We are the only place where we study your horoscope and advice your specific homam/ puja to overcome specific difficulties or to achieve specific benefits.  Further,  We also conduct these homam / puja for you at our place itself.

How much these services cost?

The cost of these services vary greatly depending on the purpose, the work involved and the specific nature of puja / homam required.  Generally, We do not charge additionally for our analysis and prediction separately.  Please send one email detailing the specific requirement and we will advice you.  We also conduct free services for many desired cases.

Can you do free service for me?

Yes, if we feel you really can't afford the expense.  Please note that any homam or pooja conducted free when you CAN really afford these, will not yield any benefit to you.  The purpose of any homam or pooja is that you should genuinely undertake to conduct it.


Can you conduct marriage, upanayanam, birthdays etc?

We can conduct all special occasions - marriage, upanayanam, 61st birthday, 80th birthday,  New house entering, naming ceremony of the child.  We do detailed planning according to your requirement.  We perform these strictly according to vedic scriptures and involved learned vedic scholars only.  We explain the meaning of all mantras while performing these occasions so that you will involve and benefit from these prayers.

How much do you charge?

We aim at reviving good Vedic samskaras and therefore charge only reasonable amount for these services.  The charge varies according to the programme.  Please e-mail or call us for details.


Can you advice on the date and method of shraadha (ceremony for parents)?

For knowing the next date when you should perform this ceremony, We have provided a tool 'find shraadha thiti' in pitru-pujanam page.  It is important that shraadha is performed only on these days.  No other date is advisable for this.

Can you arrange to conduct this ceremony on my behalf?

We will arrange the complete shraadhaa programme for you.  It is important that you should be present on this date at the place of programme. All other details will be undertaken by us and will be performed strictly according to scriptures.

How many times I should perform these ceremonies?

You should perform these ceremonies at-least once in a year for each parent.  It is advisable to perform additional shraadha for special occasions like mahalaya paksha, naandi etc.

I have not done shraadha so far?  What should I do?

You should do proper 'prayaschita' for this, as prescribed in scriptures.  We will advice you the details on your specific case.  However, It is important that you should start performing these ceremonies immediately without fail.

F A Q About Vedas

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