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create pdf with fillable fields

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These bookmarks are often tagged and can be used to make edits in the PDF

File Body The body of a PDF file consists of a sequence of indirect objects representing the contents of a documentThe objects, as described above, represent components of the document such as fonts, pages and sampled images

create pdf with fillable fields

Beginning with PDF 15, the body can also contain object streams, each of which contains a sequence of indirect objectsCross-Reference Table The cross-reference table contains information that permits random access to indirect objects within the file so that the entire file need not be read to locate any particular object

create pdf with fillable fields

The table shall contain a one-line entry for each indirect object, specifying the byte offset of that object within the body of the file(Beginning with PDF 1

create pdf with fillable fields

5, some or all of the cross-reference information may alternatively be contained in cross-reference streams

File Trailer The trailer of a PDF file enables a conforming reader to quickly find the cross-reference table and certain special objectsFor example, a printer or service provider could create an ink alias if a document contains two similar spot colors and only one is required

Default Transparency Blending Color Space: Sets the default color space, Working RGB or Working CMYK, for transparency blendingReference XObjects View Mode Show Reference XObject Targets: Specifies the type of documents in which reference XObjects can be viewed

Location Of Referenced Files (Optional): Specifies a location for the referenced documentsTouch mode for tablet and mobile devices Touch mode makes it easier to use Acrobat and Acrobat Reader on touch devices

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