The main purpose of this service is to provide a personal & detailed platform for all the members of the family to avail our services on a recurring basis. Six members of your family can be maintaining your detailed religious data use our services on functions and astrology.

The special features of the service are:

· All members will register themselves and maintain their family’s religious data (upto six members) in our database. You can update (or) modify the database any number of times.

· Rare and unknown family information (like Gothram, Kula devata etc) can be accessed by all in the family wherever they are, with the help of internet and our site.

· Family members can all share the common information and expert guidance from subakariam.com without any delay or effort.

· The subakariam management will advice the family members on all religious dates, ceremony dates and will guide on the specific ritual and programme.

· We will also organize any religious programme for any of your family members, as per your choice, with additional charge.

The entire service costs nominal amount of Rs.400 per family registration (US 7) yearly. This small token money can be remitted through MO, cheque or Western Union.


It is utmost importance that the family’s rare religious information is known to all and preserved well. This information is necessary to conduct any religious ceremony as prescribed in the scriptures. Non-observance of these details is the main cause of no result on these ceremonies. Information like Gothram, ancesterol place, family-God (kula deivam) etc are of utmost important in these respects.

Please take special efforts to obtain these the elders in the family and update it.


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