Lord Krishna says he respects ('does vandanam') six types of human beings, including 'sahasra-jeevi', a fellow who has seen 1000 new moons.  Sathabishekam is a function done to celebrate this person only.  Lord Krishna's saying is as follows:

I respect six types of persons, namely one who donates food daily, young person performing 'agni-hotra',  who fasts every month, a pativrataa woman, expert on vedanta and one who has seen 1000 new moons.

This Shatabishekam ceremony is performed for a person on his completing 80 years, 8 month and 8 days. This marks the occasion when life has been lived fully and fruitfully.  This ceremony is also repeated on completion of 100 years. We also perform this when a son is born for one Grandson's birth. for long life. health. etc.

this function is called sahasrachandra darsana santhy (who saw 1000 times 3rd day (munram piray) moon

in this function doing Poojas, and japa, homas to following devathas are worshipped:

1) Brahma in his five appearances (namely Prajapathy; Hiranyagarbha; Parameshtee; Chathurmukha and Brahma)

2) Shiva, (mruthyunjaya rudra)

3) Vishnu (laksmy narayanar)

4) Navagraha (sun, moon, mars, mer, jup ,ven, sat, rahu, kethu)

5) Seven 'chiranjevies' (immortal souls), namely... 1) aswathama 2) mahabalai  3) veda vyasa 4) hanuman 5) vibheshana 6) krupacharya and 7) parasurama

6) Aayur devathas.  God of the life

7) 8 dik palakas.  Gods for directions.  These are:  indra; agny; yama; niruruthy; varuna; vayu; kubera;  esana, etc.

 Ekadasa Rudra japam (Rudra Ekadasinee) with  Mahanyasa .Rudrabhishekam.kramarchana is also performed on  the previous day of Sathabhishekam. It is a maha prayashchitham to rid off all the sins and to invoke the blessing of Shiva

This function is performed to father or grand-father by son ,daughter, grandson, relations.  It is one of the sacred duty of the children to arrange this for the elders.

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