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SUBHAKARIAM PROFILE  SUBAKARYAM has been formed & run by Mr. Rajagopala Ganapadigal under the supervision of SUBAKARYAM team. To spread the Indian Culture all over the world and to provide the best for the people through God by following Veda & Sastra

OBJECTIVE & CONTENTS OF SUBHAKARIAM  The Divine worship by simple pujas & simple slokas which have to be performed on daily basis Family functions like Gruhapravesam, Seemantham, Upanayanam, vivaham, (Marriage), Jathakarma, Namakaranam, Shastiyaptha purthy, Shathabishekam, pitru puja etc. Various pujas like Satya Narayana Puja, Deepa Puja, Maha lakshmi puja, Saraswathy puja, Boomi puja, Surya puja Etc. Japams like Mrutyunjaya, Surya Namaskara Navagraha / Sudarsana maha mantra japa etc. Homams like Navagraha, Sudarsana, Ayushya, Swayamvara parvathy, santhana gopala, Mrutyunjaya & Chandee homam etc, Paarayanam like VedaParayana, Ramayana parayana, Baagavatha & Chandee Paarayanam etc. And procedures to perform Tharpanams, Srarddams for ancestors Who are no more? The detail Procedures & methods, benefits & uses for all the above has been given clearly.

Astrology: General & specific predications in annual, monthly, weekly Frequency for individuals. Queries of individual are being answered through email /Online free of cost. Pachaangam Details of daily thithy, stars,yogam, and karanam are given respectively as daily, monthly pachaangams which provide the vratha days like Ekathasi, Prathosham, Krithika, etc., and important dates, including muhurtha dates the whole year,Matrimonial Free Registration, Profiles of brides & bridegrooms

For Children: Details of God, Image Worshiping methods & procedures for Hindus are given in the part called Gods Gallery according to the ancient Veda Shastras All the above facility are given without any consideration from the people for the past one year, at free of cost for the benefit of the people.

New Service Spiritual Reminder & Adviser &Helping service:   Now SUBHAKARIAM Offers New Facility A new facility launched on 20th August, functioning at Free of cost for the benefit of Spiritual Devotees, which can be used by every member of family. This facility intends to preserve required rare spiritual data to provide the same round the clock service & support to the members in an online mode. Each and Every family requires little information on the methods & Procedures for worshiping god.

Example:  These details are also required for For Sankalpam, Name, (Sharma) Birth Star, Moon Rasi, & Vedas (In the Vedas of Rig, Yajur and Sama there are different Vedic pujas & Samskaras. Every man should know his Veda even from children and to Old people should know his Veda.)  Gothram, (It is believed that every Brahman family has descended from one ancestral Maharshi (great seer or sage) or the other, in whose name his Gothram is attached) 1.Kula Daivam (family god,) (According to ancient Shastras, Only After doing puja to the family god, we should perform puja to any other god: So it is necessary for every individual to know, what their Family God? I.e. Kula Deivam.? )  2.Ishta daivam (favorite’s god) and every person having his own god in his mind, what we call Favorite God? I.e. Ishta Deivam 3.Family Samprathayams, tharpanam & Srarddams details of ancient family member’s details are essentially required. These above details are also required for family members to perform All Homams & Temple poojas /Archanas & all Family Functions & Parent ceremonies ECT. It is very difficult to keep these details in memory at this modern age and only old people of the family are aware of these kinds of details.  We collect all the details about you & your family and will provide you online reminders through out the year, and we will also provide details of your Birthday, Birth star, Rasi, Gothram, Veda, and procedure of Parihara &Srartha Thithi according to the dates of Panchaangam’s throughout the year. (365 days & 24 Hours).

We will store these kinds of Data’s of every individual, family member including their Personal, Astrological and Spiritual Data’s in our Database for your ready access & reference and will provide free Reply service to their Astrological & Spiritual Queries of individuals. Through subhakariam you can plan your events for activities like Ayushya homams, which is based on star & Pithru Srarddams (Parents Ceremony), performed based on thithi, we will market in the Panchangam and give it to you. We serve for you. You can access your details from anywhere through our round the clock Or by making a call to us during the office Hours (10 to 05). All the above facilities are maintained confidentially by providing User name & Password for all users and restricted to specific Authorized Persons only. We request all users to use this facility well & inform all the other people.

SUBAKARYAM New No.488 ,T.T.K. Road. Alwarpet, Chennai 600 018.Tamil Nadu, India.

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