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When a font cannot be embedded because of the font vendor’s settings, and someone who opens or prints a PDF does not have access to the original font, a Multiple Master typeface is temporarily substituted: AdobeSerifMM for a missing serif font, and AdobeSansMM for a missing sans serif font

In Start Number, enter the number to assign to the first PDF on the listThe default is 1

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In Prefix, type any text to appear before the Bates numberIn Suffix, type any text to appear after the Bates numberNote: For court cases involving large numbers of pages, enter a higher value in Number Of Digits

pdf to

Do not use the # character in the Prefix or Suffix textClick OK and then make any other changes to the settings, as you would for any other header and footer

pdf to

Add more documents to a Bates numbering series Before you begin, be sure that you know the last applied Bates number in the series

Follow the procedure described in the previous topic to start the Bates numbering process, selecting the files to add to the seriesAs with other text edits, resizing is limited to the current page

Text does not flow to the next pageSelect Tools > Edit PDF > Edit

Click the text box you want to move, rotate, or resizeDo any of the following: Move Place the pointer over the line of the bounding box (avoid the selection handles)

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